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Petrefied wood Exciting exhibit from 3rd May 2016

Primeval forest or driftwood on Mors?

New special exhibit at the Fossil and Mo-clay Museum from May 3rd 2016.

In the mo-clay layers on Mors it is relatively easy to find petrified wood. These pieces of wood grew in a subtropical forest 55 million years ago. Exactly where this forest was, no one knows, but the fossils tell of the exiting flora of the primeval forest. Where Mors is located today, there was nothing but ocean in the Eocene period, which means that all small or large pieces of wood has reached the area as driftwood.

There might be great differences in the quality of conservation of these pieces of wood, and the silicified pieces are best preserved. They have growth rings and the cell structure is perfectly preserved, which means the scientist are able to determine whether the pieces are from coniferous or deciduous trees.

The amazing structures are microscopic. To see them, it is necessary to buff the wood with a stone grinder. This process makes the details easier to see, and turns the beautiful structures and colours into “nature’s own artwork”.

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