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Mors - past and present, at Skarregaard

Following the exhibition "Nykøbing - past and present" at Dueholm Monastery, this season Skarregaard presents the special exhibition "Mors - past and present". It offers a look at the many villages on Mors, and how they have changed in the past 100 years. This exhibition is also available as a printed book, which can be purchased from 16th April in the museum shops.

Primeval forest or driftwood on Mors?

New special exhibit at the Fossil- and Mo-clay Museum from 3rd May 2016.

n the mo-clay layers on Mors it is relatively easy to find petrified wood. These pieces of wood grew in a subtropical forest 55 million years ago. Exactly where this forest was, no one knows, but the fossils tell of the exiting flora of the primeval forest. Where Mors is located today, there was nothing but ocean in the Eocene period, which means that all small or large pieces of wood has reached the area as driftwood.

There might be great differences in the quality of conservation of these pieces of wood, and the silicified pieces are best preserved. They have growth rings and the cell structure is perfectly preserved, which means the scientist are able to determine whether the pieces are from coniferous or deciduous trees.

The amazing structures are microscopic. To see them, it is necessary to buff the wood with a stone grinder. This process makes the details easier to see, and turns the beautiful structures and colours into “nature’s own artwork”.


The Emigrants

Special exhibit at Dueholm Monastery

Half a train car, a log cabin, an American porch, a cabin with portholes, and a deck with railing. Those are a few of the things that was built for the new special exhibit, The Emigrants, which opened at Museum Mors on 19th March 2016.

The Emigrants tells the story of the large number of people from Mors, who emigrated in the period 1860-1930 in order to create better lives in America. The exhibition takes you on a journey, which begins in the homeland. It continues on board the steamship across the Atlantic to “the promised land”, and tells the story of what awaited the people from Mors, when they reached the East Coast of America, tired but hopeful. It recounts the arrival at Ellis Island, the journey across the great unknown land, and describes the life, the emigrants settled into in America, their contact with family and friends in Denmark, the way they kept the Danish traditions alive, and how they eventually became Americans. 

The exhibition has been created with the support of THE A.P. MØLLER FOUNDATION, and can be viewed until 22nd October 2017.