Our local heritageSubmission of artefacts

Museum Mors have a large collection of archaeological and historical artefacts, which consists of about 35,000 objects. Thus, the collection is an invaluable source to centuries of life on Mors. One of the primary reasons for the size of the collection, is the age of the museum. Since 1901, Museum Mors has been collecting and receiving artefacts, each of which tells a little about the history of Mors.

Parts of the collection are displayed in various exhibits at the departments of Museum Mors. Yet more artefacts are stored at our warehouse, where they will be preserved in a safe manner.


Handing over artefacts

If you have exciting objects at home, which you believe might belong at a museum, feel free to stop be on any workday, though it might be best to make arrangements ahead of time. The curators will then assess the object, and consider if it belongs in our collection. As the museum does have a large collection, we will sometimes refuse the object. This could be because we already have similar artefacts or if there aren’t enough information about the object. But please ask us, as your object could be just what we need.


Archival material and photos should be handed in to Morsø Local Archive during opening hours, which are Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1-4pm.