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Museum Mors is a nationally recognized museum of culture and geology encompassing the geographical area of Mors. The museum consists of three branches and an archive: Dueholm Monastery, the Fossil and Mo-Clay Museum, the Foundry Museum, as well as the Morsø Local Archive.

The museum was founded in 1901 as the Historical Museum of Morsland. In 1909 the museum purchased the old main building of Dueholm Manor, which was also the only remaining building of Dueholm Monastery. The exhibit started out in the great hall, but slowly expanded to the rest of the building throughout the next 30 years. Today the entire building houses exhibits.

In 1951 the museum also purchased the Cavalier Wing next to the main building and adapted it partly into exhibit space, partly into an apartment for the custodian. Today the building houses the museum administration as well as the museum shop and ticket sales.

Since the 1980s the museum has evolved a lot. More buildings were purchased and adapted into museum, local archive, offices, and workshops. One such building was the old Dueholm Dairy, which was turned into a room for special exhibits.

Until the 1980s the museum was solely one of local history, but this changed in 1988 when the Fossil and Mo-Clay Museum was established. The new museum found its home in the refurbished stable buildings of a farm near the area where mo-clay has been extracted since the beginning of the 1900s. The museum contains a large and impressive collection of fossils found in the mo-clay on Mors.

Since then the museum also took over the Drying Barn from the Skarrehage Mo-Clay Plant, for which it was granted a considerable sum in 2013 by the A. P. Møller Foundation. The money was to be used to renovate and present the drying barn, which is the largest of its kind in Denmark.

In 1992 the museum took over the management of Skarregaard, which is a historically preserved family farm. Skarregaard was adapted into a museum of agriculture. Skarregaard stopped being a part of the museum at the end of 2021.

The following year Morsø Iron Foundry finally moved its production out of the old factory buildings in Nykøbing. The large factory complex was then thoroughly transformed, and today the Foundry Museum is located on two floors in one of the old and beautiful foundry buildings.

Museum Mors also runs the Morsø Local Archive. The archive is housed in Dueholm Dairy, a neighbor to Dueholm Monastery.

In 2015 the museum was renamed from the Historical Museum of Morsland to the far sleeker Museum Mors.


You can read more about the different branches on their individual pages.