Vision and Mission


Museum Mors intends to be a technically well-founded, open, locally and nationally engaged museum, eager to evolve, and open to cooperation with other players in both Morsø Municipality and the rest of Denmark. The museum must participate in focusing positive attention on Mors, attract tourists, contribute to increased quality of life, and be a beacon for cultural and natural history in Morsø Municipality. Furthermore, the museum must become a significant research and teaching centre in North-western Denmark.

Museum Mors must secure and describe the significant parts of the material cultural heritage for future generations, through the collection and preservation of artefacts. We must generate knowledge about our past and present through our research, in order to act in the future. We must know our geographical area in depth, and at any time be able to define and describe its singularities and place this in the frame of a larger national history. We must, through teaching, create room for growth, awareness of the changeability of the world, and a good experiences for our visitors.

Museum Mors must implement the museum tasks specified in the statutes, with diligence, dedication, and professionalism. As a workplace, the museum must be characterised by mutual respect for the diversity of colleagues, team spirit and collaboration, and a true commitment to the cause. It must also be characterised by diligence, professional curiosity, and qualification.

The guests who visit Museum Mors must receive a high-quality experience. All imparted information must be based on high levels of knowledge, which must constantly be developed through skilled research. The dissemination of information must be adapted to fit the circumstances, with a focus on an inclusive and social experience, inspiration, and relevance.

Furthermore, the guests must receive a high level of service, based on courtesy and friendliness.