Vision and Mission


Translated excerpt from Museum Mors's report Vision, Mission, and Strategies 2019-2023 (full version in Danish here):

We are to be a professionally well-founded, open, locally and nationally engaged museum that is unafraid to constantly evolve and is ready and willing to collaborate with players in both Morsø Municipality, the Limfjord area, the North Denmark Region, and nationwide.

We are to help foster the good and positive awareness of Mors, attract tourists, contribute to the increased quality of life for the island's inhabitants, and be a beacon for cultural and natural history in Morsø Municipality. Furthermore we are to play an important role as a center of research and education in all of northwestern Denmark.

Through collecting, cataloging, and preserving we are to secure and describe the key parts of our material cultural heritage for posterity.

Through research we are to generate knowledge about past and present to facilitate action in the future. We are to know our geographical area in depth and at any time be able to define and describe its characteristics and changes and be able to place this in a larger framework of national history.

Through education we are to create space for cultivation of the self, create awareness of the changing nature of the world, and at the most basic level create good experiences for our visitors.

Our staff is to fulfill the declared duties of a museum with diligence, engagement, and enthusiasm. As a workplace we are to foster mutual respect for coworkers' differences, team spirit in our collaboration, and a genuine commitment to the cause. Likewise the workplace is to be characterized by a healthy work ethic as well as professional curiosity and qualifications.

Visitors to the museum are to experience high quality in all regards. All education is to be based on a high standard of knowledge that is constantly being advanced through competent research. The presentation is to be adapted to the audience's situation and to have inclusion and relevance as focal points. Furthermore our visitors are to be met with a high standard of service based on hospitality and ample human spirit.