Dueholm Monastery


Cultural History | Local History

The exhibits of Dueholm Monastery are located in four of the site's beautiful buildings. Tickets are purchased in the museum shop, and the journey begins in the large, historically preserved building, established by the monks of St. John, before continuing through the other charming buildings.

Delve into a vast trove of items and great stories from Mors's cultural history. Experience the historical development of Nykøbing, learn about Dueholm's history as a monastery and manor, look at exciting finds from the area's ancient past, hear the story of shipping and fishing on and in Limfjorden around Mors, explore an abundance of fascinating items from the island's history, and visit exciting special exhibits. The museum is constantly working on updating the permanent exhibits, so returning visitors will always find something new.


Dueholm Monastery

Dueholmgade 9

7900 Nykøbing Mors 

Phone: +45 97723421 

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