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"Bolden ruller - fodbold på Mors"

"The Ball Rolling - Football on Mors" is a nostalgic, fun, light, and informative exhibit on the world's most popular sport as it's been played and experienced on Mors throughout the years.

The exhibit is filled to the brim with items, photos, stories, and anecdotes from the island's distant football past and all the way through to present day.

Even though the exhibit has a very local feel, the history of football on Mors will of course be familiar to many other local communities; in other words, you don't need to have cheered for legends like Henning Enoksen, played in one of the island's clubs, or been a regular at the local matches in order to appreciate the exhibit.

The exhibit is chronological, and each area contains one or more decades of football history. There's also the "club house" as well as the "room of legends", which tells the stories of the three star players of the island: Henning Enoksen, Kaj Poulsen, and Tommy Troelsen.



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