Fossil and Mo-Clay Museum


Fossils | Nature Trail

The Fossil and Mo-Clay Museum exhibits an impressive collection of fossils and tells the story of the mo-clay's origins roughly 55 million years ago at the bottom of a large sea. The collection has plenty of fascinating fossils of fish, birds, insects, and tree trunks. Lose yourself in all the many beautiful fossils of every kind, including the world's largest fossilized ikaite crystal, measuring almost a meter in length.

The museum shop sells fossils, minerals, and books as well as ice cream, soda, and coffee, not to mention jewelry crafted from fossils.

You can also go fossil hunting yourself in the mo-clay pits around the museum; ask the museum staff for more information.



Nature Trail to Skarregaard

Before or after exploring the large collection at the Fossil and Mo-Clay Museum, you can take a stroll along a beautiful nature trail (about a kilometer long) through one of the old mo-clay pits and further through the breathtaking landscapes offering a great view of Limfjorden. The trail leads to the neighboring Agricultural Museum Skarregaard, and the trip there takes you along a geological time path while the return trip takes you along a historical time path from the formation of the Earth to present time.

Travel at your own risk! Children must be supervised by adults at all times.

Please also note and respect the continued extraction of mo-clay in the area.

Fossil and Mo-Clay Museum

Skarrehagevej 8

7900 Nykøbing Mors 

Phone: +45 97723421

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