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The Past in the Local Mo-Clay | From Sea to Mo-Clay

The Museum

The Fossil and Mo-Clay Museum was established May 28, 1988 as the geological branch of Museum Mors. Its collection was based on a considerable and very fine private collection of fossils and crystals from the roughly 55-million-year-old mo-clay deposits.

The museum's collection has been expanded over the years with numerous exceptional finds of insects, fish, birds, turtles, and plants. The tireless efforts of the museum's employees through the years have resulted in a large and very well-preserved collection of fossils of the highest international standards. Of all the many new fossils, "Luffe" the baby sea turtle has undoubtedly made the biggest splash locally as well as internationally: The incredibly well-preserved new turtle was named after Denmark with the scientific name Tasbacka danica.

In 2015, Museum Mors became a nationally recognized geological museum.

The Mo-Clay

Mo-clay is a special type of clay that originated in what is now the northern part of Mors 55 million years ago. The clay was formed at the bottom of the sea and grew to a thickness of 60 meters over 3 million years. The mo-clay is interspersed by layers of ash from numerous volcanic eruptions, and the layers are now clearly visible in beautiful curves formed during the last ice age.

In the mo-clay layers you can find fossils of the fish, birds, and insects that lived in and around the mo-clay sea. By using a small pick to split a rock in two, you might be lucky enough to find the contours of a bird, a fish, or maybe a turtle inside. It's a truly unique feeling to go fossil hunting, and when you're surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscapes the country has to offer, you're in for an experience like no other.


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Fossil and Mo-Clay Museum

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