Fossil- og Mo-clay Museum


Fossils | Nature trails

The Fossil- and Mo-clay Museum exhibit an impressive collection of fossils, and tells the story of how the Mo-clay was formed 55 million years ago at the bottom of a large ocean. The collection has a number of petrefied fish, birds, insects, and logs. Lose yourself among the beautiful fossils of every kind, including the world's largest petrefied Ikaite crystal, which is almost a metre long. 

The museum shop sells fossils, minerals, and books, as well as icecream, fizzy drinks, and coffee. It also sells jewellery made from beautifully worked fossils.

It is also possible to go on a fossil hunt in the Mo-clay puts around the museum, and the museum staff are pleased to offer their advice in the museum shop.



Nature trail to Skarregaard

Before, or after, diving into the huge collection at the Fossil- and Mo-clay Museum, it is possible to take a stroll in the beautiful surroundings along the nature trail, which is about 1 kilemetre long. It meanders through one of the old Mo-clay pits, and onwards through the breathtaking scenery with a wide view over the Limfjord. The trail leads to the neighbouring department, the Agricultural museum Skarregaard. Along the way there is a geological time trail, while there is a historical time trail when walking back along the trail. The trail takes you on a journey from the creation of the earth until modern times.

Walking the area is at your own risk! Children are not allowed in the area without adult supervision.

Please be aware and respectful of the fact that Mo-clay is still extracted in the area.

Fossil- and Mo-clay Museum

Skarrehagevej 8

7900 Nykøbing Mors 

Phone: +45 97723421

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