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Fossil hunts

Will you find the next fossil trove? An experience for the entire familly

You bend down and pick up a rock. With a small pick, you split the stone in two. What do you find inside the rock? If you're lucky, the rock has kept its secret for 55 million years! It might be a fossilized insect, fish, or leaf. There are plenty of fossils in the Mo-clay pits on northern Mors.

It is an indescribable feeling to hold that small rock, being the first in 55 million years to see the small animal. The Mo-clay hides the secrets of what used to be a tropical sea bed. If you look up at the sides of the Mo-clay pit, you can see millions of years' worth of sediments in the 187 layers of Mo-clay and volcanic ash. It is the most beutiful "pancake" in the world. The last ice age, which was "only" 10,000 years ago, helped shape the wondrous curves of the layers.

It is a good idea to begin your fossil hunt at the Fossil- and Mo-clay Museum. It has the world's best collection of fossils from Mo-clay. You can rent the tools to go on your own fossil hunt in the Mo-clay pit, which is located next to the museum, or the Mo-clay pit at Ejerslev Havn. The museum staff will be pleased to show you how to split the stones, and tell you where to go. And if you're lucky on your hunt, they will also help you determine what you have found. If you're especially lucky, you might find treasure trove!

If you are a group, you can also hire a guide from the museum to join you in the Mo-clay pits at either the museum or at Ejerslev Havn.


Fossil- and Mo-clay Museum

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