Fossil- og Mo-clay Museum


The past in the local Mo-clay | From ocean to Mo-clay

About the museum

The Fossil- and Mo-clay Museum was established in 1988 as a branch of Museum Mors. The Fossil- and Mo-clay Museum is home to a fantastic collection of fossils of international standards.

The museum has a high level of activity, consisting of tours and fossil hunts. Visitors are able to take in the exhibited collection of fossils or maybe join a fossil hunt. It is also possible to take a walk along the nature paths around the area to enjoy the view of the many beautiful Mo-clay cliffs with clear layers of volcanic ash as well as the view over the Limfjord and surrounding landscapes.

About the Mo-clay

The unique Mo-clay was created 55 million years ago in the area we today call northern Mors. The clay was formed at the bottom of the sea, and during a period of 3 million years, the Mo-clay layers grew to be 60 meters thick, interspersed with layers of volcanic ash. The layers clearly and beautifully appear in the shapes created during the last ice age.

The Mo-clay layers hide the fossils of the birds, fish, and insects that lived around the area. With a small pick or hammer and split a stone crosswise. The inside can reveal the contours of a bird, a fish, or maybe a tortoise. Combined with the beautiful landscapes, a fossil hunt is a unique experience.



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  • About UNESCO World Heritage:
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Fossil- and Mo-clay Museum

Skarrehagevej 8

7900 Nykøbing Mors 

Phone: +45 97723421

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