Dreaming of a Bridge

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Sallingsund bridge in 2018, the special exhibition tells the story of how the bridge came into being. From the first plans in the beginning of the 1930s to the festive day four decades later. A day that put the whole island in a state of excitement and attracted the attention of the whole country for one exciting day. 

Please note that while the titles of the pdf's are in Danish, all the texts are translated to English.

Tema 1 (1933-1966) Planlægning og tovtrækkeri.pdf
Tema 2 (1967-1973) Fredningssagen, byggeriets påbegyndelse og færgefarten over sundet.pdf
Tema 3 (1973-1978) Broen bygges.pdf
Tema 4 (1973-1978) Tilstødende bro- og vejprojekter.pdf
Tema 5 (1978-2018) Indvielsesfest og broen idag.pdf