The Emigrants 1870-1930

The exhibition “The Emigrants”, tells the story of the large number of people from Mors, who emigrated in the period 1860-1930 in order to create better lives in America. The exhibition takes you on a journey, which begins in the homeland. It continues on board the steamship across the Atlantic to “the promised land”, and tells the story of what awaited the people from Mors, when they reached the East Coast of America, tired but hopeful. It recounts the arrival at Ellis Island, the journey across the great unknown land, and describes the life, the emigrants settled into in America, their contact with family and friends in Denmark, the way they kept the Danish traditions alive, and how they eventually became Americans.

Please note that while the titles of the pdf's on this site are in Danish, the texts are translated to English.

Planche 1 - Udvandrerne.pdf
Planche 2 - Industrialisering og befolkningstilvækst.pdf
Planche 3 - Arbejdsløshed på landet.pdf
Planche 4 - Forberedelse til emigration.pdf
Planche 5 - Transport og baggage.pdf
Planche 6 - Turen over Atlanten.pdf
Planche 7 - De danske dampskibslinjer.pdf
Planche 8 - Immigration til Australien, Rusland og Sydamerika.pdf
Planche 9 - Ankomsten til Amerika.pdf
Planche 10 - Ellis Island.pdf
Planche 11 - Lægeundersøgelse og registrering.pdf
Planche 12 - Rejsen mod vest.pdf
Planche 12(2) - Med toget mod vest.pdf
Planche 13 - Det første hjem.pdf
Planche 14 - Nybyggere og landmænd.pdf
Planche 15 - Den amerikanske drøm.pdf
Planche 16 - Fællesskaber og foreninger.pdf
Planche 17 - Agnes og Laurits Ringsborg.pdf
Planche 18 - Fotografen Poul Kirk Nørgaard.pdf
Planche 19 - Tømmeren fra Danetown.pdf
Planche 20 - Udvandrere i flere generationer.pdf
Planche 21 - Præst på prærien.pdf
Planche 22 - Samlede familien i det nye land.pdf
Planche 23 - Lille Claus blev stor i Chicago.pdf
Planche 23(2) - Claus Jensens mindesten.pdf
Planche 24 - Det amerikanske eventyr.pdf
Planche 25 - Guds veje er uransagelige.pdf
Planche 26 - Ud og hjem igen.pdf
Planche 27 - Efterkommere.pdf
Planche 28 - Den danske ånd holdes i live.pdf
Udvandrere fra Mors til Amerika 1860-1910.pdf
Morsingboere i USA - 1910.pdf
Bidragsydere til udstillingen.pdf