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The Agricultural Museum at Skarregaard is based on, and designed as, a larger cattle farm from 1950, but the farm's origins trace back to the Middle Ages, with additional evidence of Stone Age settlements.

It is believed that king Niels built a fort called Skarreborg in the early 12th century, on the Krogsbjerg mound just north of Skarregaard. At some point in the Middle Ages, Skarreborg was demolished, and the structural elements used in the construction of a farm, Skarregaard. The mound is still visible on the top of Krogsbjerg. Skarregaard was built a on the meadow closer to the fiord, which caused repeated problems with flooding. In 1840, the farm was moved to its present location.

For centuries, the farm on the meadow belonged to members of the Danish nobility, who either managed the farm themselves, or leased it. There is evidence that Skarregaard was an important farm on northern Mors, one of them is the pulpit at South Dråby church, which was given to the church by an owner of Skarregaard in 1590. There were some difficult periodes in the 17th century, and the farm was ceded to the king in 1683, when it was deserted and debt-ridden. 

From 1716 to 1795, Skarregaard had a string of different owners, the first was Rasmus jørgensen, who was a bailiff in Nykøbing.

1833 was a landmark year, when Jørgen Christian Overgaard bought Skarregaad, which was still located on the meadow. Since the 17th century, no owner had lived on the farm, but Overgaard did. He was also the one who moved the farm from the meadow to its present location, after a flood in 1839. Four generations of the family Overgaard owned and managed Skarregaard, until the last one willed the farm to Morsø Municipality in 1978.

In 1992 Museum Mors took over management of the farm, whose buildings are still owned by Morsø Municipality. The farm holds 209 hectares of land. There are 117 hectares of salt meadow and lakes.

Skarregaard is listed, because of the homogeneous and unspoiled shape of the buildings, and because it is a typical example of a cattle farm from western Jutland.


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