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NOTE! Skarregaard is closed for 2021. The museum holds a Christmas market in November.

From 2022, Skarregaard will be operated by Morsø Municipality. Of course, it is still possible - completely free - to enjoy the nature around Skarregaard and the farm's playground.


The area around Skarregaard has been settled since the stone age. In medieval times a fortification was built nearby, “Skarreborg”, which can still be traced in the landscape.

Skarregaard’s development can be traced through history, but one man made the Skarregaard that exists today. Jørgen Christian Overgaard came sailing across the fjord, saw Skarregaard and made it his home. He and his descendants moved the farm from between the lakes to its current location, rebuilt it, and continuously expanded the farm. This is the farm, set in 1958, that you can visit today.

The farm was willed to the municipality in 1989, and the museum took over in 1992. The land is leased, but the buildings creates the perfect scene for a family picnic.



  • About the history of Skarregaard:
    • Visit the farm and the exhibits, which you can check out here
  • About the historical developments of the area:
    • Take a walk on the amazing nature trails that connect Skarregaard and the Fossil- and Mo-clay Museum. Read more here


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