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Children at Museum Mors

The Museum as a part of education

Oehlenschlæger's Glasses, fact and fiction.
What would happen if you explore the museum with the glasses of an old Danish poet. The activity is based on the child's ability to wonder and create new stories. The stories will be documented through the children's linguistic expressions, for example through drawing, film, sculpture, and sound. It is a collaboration based activity between the museum and the school, which can focus on linguistic development, art, or history.
Expected time with the pupils is six lessons. Price: DKK600.
Magnus and Marie go to America.
Free taught programme based on the special exhibition: The Emigrants. Every class receives a box with materials, which include illustrated booklets, letters from children in Elk Horn, Iowa, a teacher's guide, and other materials.
Expected time with the pupils is 7 lessons with the option of visiting the Emigrants exhibit. The activity can focus on either Danish or History. 
Shadow puppetry and story telling.  
The museum communicator will visit your institution and tell old stories from Mors. Afterwards, you will make stories together in the shadow puppetry. This activity explores cultural expressions and values.
Expected time is 1.5 hrs. Price: DKK300. 
The troll and the adventurous boy Jens Kusk. 
The blue troll tells the story of the adventurous boy Jens Kusk from Vester Assels, who sailed the high seas. Afterwards, we will discuss Jens' amazing travels with the troll.
Max. 12 children. Circa 30 min. The activity explores cultural expressions and values. Price: DKK 300.