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Event calendar 2017

Seasons at the Museum Family activities

Events 2018

10-18 February

I collect. Mini exhibit at Dueholm Monastery

10am - 4pm
12-16 February

Activities for children about collecting

Mon-Fri 10am - 4pm
24 March - 2 April

Easter at Dueholm - activities for children

10am - 4pm
1-2 April

Lambs at Skarregaard

10am - 4pm
1 May

Fossil- and Mo-Clay Museum opens

New special exhibit: Mass mortality in the Mo-Clay

1 May

Danish Foundry Museum opens

1 May

Skarregaard opens

5 May

New special exhibit at Dueholm Monastery:

The Sallingsund Bridge - 40th anniversary

1 June - 31 August

Special exhibit at the Danish Foundry Museum:

Aksel Sandemose 1899-1999

16 July - 3 August

Guided tours at the Danish Foundry Museum

Tuesdays and Thursdays 11am
3 July - 2 August

Guided tours at the Fossil- and Mo-Clay Museum

Mondays and Wednesdays 1pm
3 July - 2 August

Guided Fossil Hunts at the Fossil- and Mo-Clay Museum

Mon-Fri 11am
11-12 August

Summer Market at Skarregaard

10am - 4pm


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