Fossil Hunting

You bend down and pick up a stone. With your pick, you split the stone in half. And what then appears inside the stone? Yes, if you are lucky, the stone has been hiding a secret for 55 million years! Perhaps a petrification of an insect, a fish or a leaf from a tree emerges. 

It is an indescribable feeling you get when you stand there with your stone in your hand and are the first to look at the little animal. The moclay hides the contents of the tropical seabed, which was on the site at the time. And if you look up at the vertical sides of the moclay pits, you can follow several million years of deposits in 187 layers of  ash from volcanoes. That sight is nothing less than the world's most beautiful "layer cake". And then the ice age "only" 10,000 years ago was kind enough to shape the layer cake layers into wonderful curves.

It is a good idea to start your fossil hunt at the Fossil and Mo-Clay Museum. Here you can experience the world's best collection of fossils from the moclay. You can rent tools to go hunting yourself in the pit, which is right next to the museum. The museum staff are happy to show you how to do it and where to go. 

The museum offers guided tours during both the Easter holidays, the summer holidays and the autumn holidays.

If you are in a group, you can of course also book a guide from the museum.

Prices and booking for groups

Fossiljagt, pr. 25 persons (incl. a pick) kr. 795
Fossiljagt, pr. 25 persons (incl. a pick) (after 16.00 and in the weekends/holidays) kr. 1195
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