Current and upcoming special exhibitions

New special exhibitions are regularly presented in all the museum's departments. The museum's special exhibitions are all based on local history or geology, but at the same time try to draw threads to the overall Danish and natural history.

Read about current and upcoming special exhibitions below.






When they left - Morsingboerne and the war in 1848.

In 2023, it was 175 years ago the Danish Civil War of 1848 raged. Museum Mors used the 175th anniversary to make a special exhibition about the war years 1848–50, some very eventful and landmark years in Danish history. Eventful years, which were to influence and change Danish society, for both good and bad. Social changes and events that would involve and affect many Danes, be it at both national and local level, including those on the island of Mors.

Can be seen at Dueholm Monastery throughout 2024.

Baron Trip-Trap - The story of Johan Knudsen from Blidstrup

Few residents of Mors have experienced such a fascinating and changeable life as the former landowner from Blidstrup, Johan Knudsen. The story of the interesting man who managed to be both newspaper editor, theater director, party chairman, social liberal, conservative and a Nazi during his life is unfolding in a new special exhibition at Dueholm Kloster. 

The exhibition can be seen at Dueholm Monastery from May 2024.

The Fantastic Fish of the Moclay - Unesco World Heritage?

Can be seen at the Fossil and Moclay Museum from 25 March - 30 November 2024

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