Denmark's heaviest museum!

The Foundry Museum is a museum of industrial history and worker culture with its starting point in Morsø Iron Foundry. The museum is housed in one of the factory buildings where Morsø Iron Foundry produced everything from pots and pans to stoves and ovens.

In the iron foundry's old showroom and storage rooms, visitors will be told the exciting story of the famous and honored factory, N.A.Christensen & Co., which for more than 160 years has been one of the country's largest manufacturers of wood-burning stoves and other castings, in text, film and pictures. 

The exhibitions at Støberimuseet give you one of the most authentic museum experiences you can imagine.

If you have a furnace or other products from Morsø Iron Foundry that you want to know more about, we are happy to help. Click on this link to hear more:

Questions on historical Morsø products
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